Belgian solutions


I have always tried to show the bright side of life in Brussels in this blog and, specifically, not to enter political discussions. Art should be above petty disputes among linguistic communities! On the other hand, it is sometimes extremely difficult to refrain from connecting the life in a city with the political decisions which directly affect the way you move and live within its perimeter. Should I mention flights invading Brussels’ airspace, the blockage of the two city rings or a pedestrianization without any visible planning?

Perhaps the solution has been discovered… a long time ago. Just laugh! Life is very often too ridiculous to take it seriously. There must be another reason for human stupidity or, from an optimistic point of view, the recognition of stupidity is a step forward towards something that would make a little more sense.




Chapeau to our friends from Belgian solutions (“not every solution is the answer to a problem”)! They have a wonderful website and Facebook page. They are opening our eyes to the Belgian magic. Their images might not be suitable for all audiences but when you live in Brussels you realise that reality overtakes fiction every day and you end up telling yourself that yes, it is possible. Their book is being sold at museums’ shops and their exhibitions have been on tour for the last two years (in Belgium).


Image credits © Belgian solutions