Record auction at Horta

Two days ago I had the privilege to witness a record auction at Horta, in Brussels. The two little Baroque silver statues of angels riding each a lion were estimated at a maximum price of 3.500 €. The final result was 230.000 €. Imagine the Christmas present for the seller!
The statuettes looked very old and had some damages that called for repair. Horta did not see any signature or stamp, but it seems there was a hallmark some people had already noticed very discreetly during the exhibition. The hallmark indicates an Austro-Hungarian origin, similar to the one found in other items sold at Christie’s.
Although the auction was commanded by telephone bids, the audience had the impression of witnessing a very special moment. When the dizzying height of 230.000 € was reached and the auction concluded, we all broke into applause. The dream of an auctioneer had taken place!

image credit © Horta